Denmark's Maritime Pilots' Museum

About the museum

The Sound between Denmark and Sweden has been an imporatant trade route throughout history. But the dangerous waters has been the cause of many shipwrecks, which turned out to be good business for the local sailors, who used their knowledge of the Sound to guide the foreign trade ships safely through. The Maritime Pilots' Service was officially established in 1684 by Christian V, who needed the maritime pilots to assist the Danish warships. The maritime pilots in Dragør were in service until 1984 where they moved to Bornholm. 

Denmark's Maritime Pilot's Museum is based on the old maritime pilot station in Dragør habour and remains just as it did when Dragør's Maritime Pilots' Service celebrated its 300th jubilee in 1984. Experience the authentic living rooms, offices, bedrooms, old books and magazines as well as the sea atlas and maritime pilot books, which were all a fundamental part of the maritme pilots worklife. 

Opening hours

May 6th - September 30th: wednesday, saturday and sunday, from 2pm - 4pm


The museum has free admission.


Dragør Gl. Havn 11, 2791 Dragør.